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 Emergency Call System Non-UL
For Assisted Living & Nursing Home Facilities

For UL Version See

Tek-CareTM CM-800 is the ideal emergency call signaling system for multi-family dwellings housing the elderly or handicapped. Any occupant requiring emergency assistance can signal the building manager, attendant, and/or neighboring occupants by activating a conveniently located pullcord switch in the apartment, or otherwise located throughout the facility. Depending upon the system options selected, the activation of the pullcord switch instantly and continuously activates a lamp annunciator and audible signal at the managers office or other location, activates a visual corridor dome lamp signal outside the apartment door, sounds a horn or bell in the hallway. As an added option, activation of the pullcord switch can also operate an electric door release at the occupants door, enabling immediate access to the occupant's apartment.

ARCHITECTS' & ENGINEERS' SPECIFICATIONS: Contractor shall furnish and install a complete emergency call signaling system as described herein and as shown on the plans. It shall be a LEE DAN® Tek-Care™ system or approved equal.


Operation, Installation
and Service Manual

Spec Sheet
Primary Annunciator Modules & Control Equipment
CM-800 CM-800/4 CM-800/8 CM-800/12
No Zone 4 Zone Module 8 Zone Module 12 Zone Module
CM-800/16 CM-800/20 PK-2019A PK-124K
16 Zone Module 20 Zone Module Annunciator Control Unit Battery Backup Kit
PK-601A PK-612A PS-30A  
DC Power Supply for PK-612A DC Flasher UL Transformer  
Expansion Annunciator Modules
  AM-800/24 AM-800/36  
  24 Zone Adder Module 36 Zone Adder Module  
Pull Stations & Dome Lights
LI-381 Dome Light LI-381 Dome Light LI-381 Dome Light
LI-381 LI-382LED LI-118B LI-123B
Single Bulb Dome Light 4-LED Corridor Dome Light Dome Light / DC Buzzer Dome Light / AC Buzzer
SF-117/2C SF-117/4C SF-118/2C SF-118/4C
Emergency Call Switch, 2 Pole Emergency Call Switch, 4 Pole Emergency Call Switch, LED,
2 Pole
Emergency Call Switch, LED,
4 Pole
SF-154B BE-007 IR-019B   
Emergency Push Button Switch 6” Bell, 24VDC Remote Tone Speaker   
N-553A SC-1 LI-014 LI-028
Lamp Extractor Tool Scrulox Tamper Screw Driver  Replacement Annunciator Bulb LI-381 Replacement Bulb
Custom Lens Marking      
Frames & Housings
IH-302 IH-303 OF-201T OF-202T
Desk Cabinet
Desk Cabinet
Flush Aluminum Frame
Flush Aluminum Frame
OF-203T OH-201 OH-202 OH-203
Flush Aluminum Frame
Flush Back Box 1-Gang Flush Back Box 2-Gang Flush Back Box 3-Gang
OH-301 OH-302
Surface Housing 1-Gang Surface Housing 2-Gang

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AM-800/24 TekTone AM800/24 24 Zone Tek-Care Adder Module 
AM-800/36 TekTone AM800/36 36 Zone Tek-Care Adder Module 
BE-007 TekTone BE007 DC Corridor Bell
CM-800 TekTone CM800 Tek-Care Installation Instructions 
CM-800 TekTone CM800 Zero (0) Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800 
CM-800/4 TekTone CM800/4 4 Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800/4 
CM-800/8 TekTone CM800/8 8 Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800/8 
CM-800/12 TekTone CM800/12 12 Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800/12 
CM-800/16 TekTone CM800/16 16 Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800/16 
CM-800/20 TekTone CM800/20 20 Zone Tek-Care Speaker/Tone/Light Module CM800/20 
IH-302 TekTone IH302 2-Gang Desk Cabinet, 9 1/2"W x 6"H x 17"D
IH-303 TekTone IH303 3-Gang Desk Cabinet, 13 1/2"W x 6"H x 17"D
IR-019B TekTone IR019B Remote Tone Speaker
LI-014 TekTone LI014 Replacement Annunciator Bulb
LI-028 TekTone LI028 LI381 Replacement Bulb
LI-118B TekTone LI118B DC Buzzer Corridor Light
LI-123B TekTone LI123B AC Buzzer Corridor Light
LI-381 TekTone LI381 Single Bulb Dome Light / Corridor Light 
LI-382LED TekTone LI382LED Corridor Zone Light
N-553A Lamp Extractor Tool
OF-201T TekTone OF201 Flush Aluminum Frame 1-Gang, 6 1/4"W x 17 3/4"H 
OF-202T TekTone OF202 Flush Aluminum Frame 2-Gang, 10 1/4"W x 17 3/4"H 
OF-203T TekTone OF203 Flush Aluminum Frame 3-Gang, 14 1/4"W x 17 3/4"H
OH-201 TekTone OH201 Flush Back Box 1-Gang Wide  
OH-202 TekTone OH202 Flush Back Box 2-Gang Wide
OH-203 TekTone OH203 Flush Back Box 3-Gang Wide  
OH-301 TekTone OH301 Surface Housing 1-Gang Wide
OH-302 TekTone OH302 Surface Housing 2-Gang Wide
PK-124K TekTone PK-124K Battery Backup Kit 
PK-601A TekTone PK601A 24VDC Power Supply  /  Spec Sheet
PK-612A TekTone PK612A 24VDC Lamp Flasher  /  Spec Sheet
PK-2019A TekTone PK2019A Annunciator Control Unit (CM-800, DS-100) 
PS-30A Tri-Volt Transformer, 120 VAC, 8-16-24 VAC, 20-30-30VA 
SC-1  Scrulox Tamper Screw Driver 
SF-117/2C Emergency SF117/2C  Pull Station - 2 Pole
SF-117/4C TekTone SF117/4C Emergency Pull Station - 4 Pole
SF-118/2C TekTone SF118/2C Emergency Pull Station - 2 Pole With Red LED
SF-118/4C TekTone SF118/4C Emergency Pull Station - 4 Pole With Red LED
GT Series
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