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Tek-CareTM Emergency Call System
For Assisted Living & Nursing Home Facilities
CM800 (CM-800) Custom Annunciators
LI381 (LI-381) Corridor Dome Lights
SF117/2C (SF-117/2C) Emergency Pull Stations

LI-381 Dome Light

CM800/56 (CM-800/56)
Typical 56 Zone Tek-Care
Annunciator Panel.
Panel size varies
depending upon

number of zones required. 
See chart below for actual sizes.
LI381 (LI-381)
UL Listed
Dome Light


 Emergency Pull Cords
Annunciator Control Unit
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Tek-CareTM is the ideal emergency call signaling system for multi-family dwellings housing the elderly or handicapped. Any occupant requiring emergency assistance can signal the building manager, attendant, and/or neighboring occupants by activating a conveniently located pullcord switch in the apartment, or otherwise located throughout the facility. Depending upon the system options selected, the activation of the pullcord switch instantly and continuously activates a lamp annunciator and audible signal at the managers office or other location, activates a visual corridor dome lamp signal outside the apartment door, sounds a horn or bell in the hallway. As an added option, activation of the pullcord switch can also operate an electric door release at the occupants door, enabling immediate access to the occupant’s apartment.

ARCHITECTS' & ENGINEERS' SPECIFICATIONS: Contractor shall furnish and install a complete emergency call signaling system as described herein and as shown on the plans. It shall be a LEE DAN® Tek-CareTM system or approved equal.

Pull Stations: Emergency pull stations shall be LEE DAN® model SF117/2C (SF-117/2C) or approved equal. Station shall have nylon pullcord actuated switch mounted on durable ABS plastic panel marked ‘EMERGENCY’. Cord shall be nylon with molded pull tassel. Pullcord shall be a minimum of 6' long, so it can be reached from the floor if necessary. Cancellation of an emergency call shall be possible only at the pull station of origin.

Two (2) SF117/2C (SF-117/2C) emergency pull stations (or substitute SF117/4C (SF-117/4C) for systems including any optional bells, horns, door strikes or other signaling devices) shall be provided for each residence. One shall be placed for accessibility from the bed. The other shall be placed for accessibility from the bathroom.

System Controller: System controller shall be a LEE DAN® model PK2019A (PK-2019A)or approved equal. Controller shall be powered by a LEE DAN® model PS-30A transformer (16VAC/30VA), or approved equal and shall be UL listed.

Annunciator Panel: Annunciator panel shall be a LEE DAN® Tek-Care series CM800 (CM-800) or approved equal. Panel shall be constructed of anodized extruded aluminum with individually designated backlighted lens covers for each zone. Pigtail connections will not be acceptable.

Speaker shall be 3.5", 1 Watt, 45 Ohm. Speaker, bulbs and lens markings shall all be field replaceable. Glued-in-place components are not acceptable. Access screws shall be tamper resistant Scrulox type.

Dome Lamps: Dome lamps shall be LEE DAN® model LI381 (LI-381) or approved equal and shall be UL listed. Lamps shall include a translucent plastic cover which shall be removable for bulb maintenance without the use of hand tools. Base shall be made of high impact ABS plastic. One LI381 (LI-381) dome light shall be mounted above each residence doorway.

Audible Signalling Devices: At each designated hallway, contractor shall furnish and install a model BE005 (BE-005) surface mount vibrating bell, or model VH-024/4F (with 870-B backbox) flush mount vibrating horn. Furnished bell or horn, shall operate on 24VAC and shall be compatible with LEE DAN® Tek-Care system or approved equal. Systems including optional bells or horns, shall include LEE DAN® model PS-050 (24VAC/50VA) or PS-100 (24VAC/100VA) transformer, or approved equal which must be UL listed.

Spare Parts: Contractor shall furnish a minimum of 10% extra replacement bulbs LI014 (LI-014) for the annunciator, and LI028 (LI-028) for the dome lights). A LEE DAN® model N-553A shall be provided with each annunciator for bulb maintenance. One spare SF117/2C (SF-117/2C) pull station, and one spare LI381 (LI-381) dome light shall be provided for each 25 units placed in service.

CM-800 Annunciator Information
The CM800 (CM-800) series annunciator is a modular unit, constructed of extruded aluminum. CM800 (CM-800) has easily removable lamp lens coverings for quick bulb replacement, and to protect lamp identifications. Up to four (4) digits are available per lamp. Positive screw terminals are provided for easy wiring hook-up. Available from 4 to 464 zones (or more) in multiples of four (4) lamp indicators.

Each CM800/XXX (CM-800/XXX)(XXX = no. of lamp indicators) annunciator consists of the following equipment: (all single quantities, unless indicated otherwise)

CM800/X (CM-800/X) Speaker Panel with Tone-Off Button and Light. Models range from zero to 20Lamps. With test button

AM800/X (AM-800/X) Lamp expansion module with test button. Models range from 24 to 32 lamps. Requires 1 CM-800/X

RP021CM (RP-021CM) Custom lens markings. 1 required for each lamp indicator. Quantity must be multiple of 4.

OF20XT (OF-20XT) Series aluminum frame (see chart below). 'X' = number of modules wide

OH20X (OH-20X) Series flush housing or other mounting box (see chart below). 'X' = number of modules wide

OH30X   (OH-30X) Series surface housing or other mounting box (see chart below). 'X' = number of modules wide

PK2019A (PK-2019A) Annunciator control unit (powered by PS-30A transformer, use PS-250 transformer for more than 4 simultaneous lamp indicators at one time).

PS-30A UL listed pigtail transformer, 16VAC/30VA. 1 required per system.


LI014 (LI-014) Replacement annunciator bulbs, 24 Volt, 40 MA. Fits CM-800 + AM-800  lamp modules. N-553A lamp extractor

LI028 (LI-028)Replacement bulbs for LI-381 dome lamps, 24 Volt.

N-553A Lamp extraction tool. Used to replace small (LI-014) annunciator bulbs.

SC-1 Scrulox screwdriver. Used to access special tamper-resistant screws provided with annunciator.

Since 1955, LEE DAN® has manufactured standard, modified and custom intercom systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, condos, co-ops, apartments, and commercial users. We take great interest in the special security needs of our customers, and great pride in the quality of our products!

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With continuous product improvement, sizes and other specifications are subject to change without notice.

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