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CCS-1A ChimeCom2
Door Chime & Intercom System

Genuine AIPHONE Audio & Video Intercom Systems, Wire & Parts are available from LEE DAN. We've been an Aiphone distributor for over 40 years!

Images provided by Aiphone

Ideal Home Intercom System Features:

  • Press-to-talk door answering with automatic shut-off.

  • Second inside room station (separate power supply required).

  • Backlit CALL button.

  • CHIME and VOICE volume controls.
  • Powered by AC transformer PT-1210N
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    Power Source
    12~16V AC - Use AC transformer PT-1210N (with no-load voltage rating: 20V or less)
    2-tone chime, press TALK to reply, hands-free at door, times out in 15 sec. after TALK is pressed
    Door to master: 2-cond., overall shield Between masters: 2-cond., overall shield
    Door to farthest master: 245’(22AWG) 590’(18AWG)
    Wire Type
    Aiphone #822202 or Aiphone #821802
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    Item Description PDF File
    82180310C AIPHONE Wire, 1,000' 18AWG, 3 Conductor, Shielded  /  Brochure  
    82220350C AIPHONE Wire, 500' 22AWG, 3 Conductor, Shielded  /  Brochure  
    82220650C AIPHONE Wire, 500' 22AWG, 6 Conductor, Shielded  /  Brochure  
    82222050C AIPHONE Wire, 500' 22AWG, 20 Conductor, Shielded  /  Brochure  
    AIPHONE Wire
    Selection Guide
    AIPHONE Wire Selection by System Guide /  Spec Sheet Aiphone Wire Guide
    C-123L/A AIPHONE ChimeCom 2-Station Intercom System Kit /  Wiring Instructions C-123L/A
    C-123LW AIPHONE Dual Master ChimeCom Intercom System Kit /  Wiring Instructions C-123LW
    CC-1M AIPHONE ChimeCom2 Master Station /  Brochure  
    CC-DA AIPHONE ChimeCom2 Door Station (Not Sold Seperately) /  Brochure  
    CCS-1A AIPHONE ChimeCom2 Door Chime & Door Answering Intercom Kit /  Brochure  
    CCS-1A AIPHONE ChimeCom2 Door Chime & Door Answering Intercom Kit /  Wiring Instructions
    EL-10S AIPHONE Electric Door Strike /  Manual (*DISCONTINUED*) EL-10S
    EL-12S AIPHONE Electric Door Strike /  Brochure  
    PT-1210N AIPHONE 12VAC, 120V 15W UL Plug-In Transformer  /  Brochure
    PT-1210N AIPHONE 12VAC, 120V 15W UL Plug-In Transformer  /  Spec Sheet
    SA-1 AIPHONE Surge Arrestor  /  Spec Sheet  
    Wire & Cable: AIPHONE AIPHONE Approved Product Wire /  Brochure  
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