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IR-207 4-Wire Flush Mount Stainless Steel 2-Gang Apartment Intercom Station

IR207B (IR-207B) 2-Gang Stainless 4-Wire Apt. Station 

Lee Dan logoIR207B (IR-207B) 2-Gang Stainless 4-Wire Apt. Station

Stainless Steel 2-Gang Apartment Intercom Station

The TekTone IR207B (IR-207B) Apartment Stations are rugged, dependable units combined with advanced electronic design to provide natural, clear voice communication and positive door release operation. The versatile stations may be used in large or small buildings and feature a wide variety of optional accessories to provide needed additional functions, such as multiple entrance, post office door release, timed door release operation, etc.

Dimensions 4.5"H X 4.5"W X 1 1/2"D
Controls Individually replaceable push buttons with self wiping contacts. Identified for TALK, LISTEN and DOOR functions
Finish Satin brushed stainless steel
Mounting Standard 2-gang electrical box
Screws Four (4) 1 1/2" pan head 6/32 machine mounting screws are included.
Speaker 45 ohms, 2.5" x 2.5"

Spec Sheet

Required Components

PK543A (1 per Bldg)

Apartment Lobby Panels

SC-1 "Scrulox" Screwdriver

Compatible Station Upgrades:

IR-207SS: Stainless Steel


IR-207BRQ: Brass

w/ Round Metal Buttons

IR-207BRQL: Brass (Lacquered)

w/ Round Metal Buttons

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