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NC300 II Central Equipment
For NC300 II Tek-CARE™
Microprocessor-Based Nurse Call System
NC-351A Shown Below

NC-351A/2 Shown Below

A major component of the Tek-CARE®NC300II Nurse Call System, the NC351A(NC-351A) and NC351A/2(NC-351A/2) supply the central point for system component integration. The NC351A supports up to 4 master consoles and 256 station addresses, while the NC351A/2 supports up to 8 master consoles and 512 station addresses. The NC351A and NC351A/2 house the necessary firmware to operate all the  Tek-CARE®NC300II system functions. From a single durable metal enclosure, the central equipment supports 2 isolated serial ports, field station ports, master console ports, and power requirements for up to 256 patient, staff and duty stations (512 with external PK305 supply).


2 isolated serial ports

Plug-in connections with multiplexed common wiring

Self-contained electronics and power supply

12 or 24-hour time display

Modular construction-easily expandable

UL® 1069 Listed


  Dimensions: 15.25" (387mm) Height, 13" (330mm) Width, 6.25" (159mm)Depth

Capacity: up to 4 (NC351A) or 8 (NC315A/2) masters | up to 256 (NC315A) or 512 (NC315A/2) stations

Power Input: 115 VAC, 60Hz, 140W

Environment: 26 degree C, relative humidity maximum 80%

Terminations: Plug-on connectors

System Supervision: Continuous polling of all stations. Stations or wiring faults displayed at masters.

System Protection: All outputs are protected by selfresetting current limiting devices.

Audio: up to 4 (NC351A) or 8 (NC315A/2) audio paths provided. Amplifiers rated at 20 watts. Overload and short circuit protection included.




Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The nurse call central equipment shall be
TekTone®'s NC351A or NC315A/2 or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®. The central equipment and associated wiring to master control stations and patient/staff stations shall be supervised. The central equipment shall include all necessary microprocessor multiplex-based circuitry to operate all Tek-CARE® NC300II system functions. It shall also support up to 4 (with NC351A) or 8 (with NC351A/2) nurses' master stations, plus 256 (with NC351A) or 512 (with NC351A/2) patient/staff stations, all associated lamp and other emergency and presence devices, and 2 isolated serial ports.

The central equipment shall also provide the necessary firmware to operate all Tek-Care® NC300II System functions.

The central equipment shall include one central buss board, one or two master interface cards, one microprocessor/serial card, one or two station interface cards, all call/multiplex card, multiple output power supply and firmware operating system.

The central equipment will be housed in a durable metal enclosure with provisions for plug-in field wiring connections.

The NC351A and NC351A/2 shall be UL® 1069 Listed.

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