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Replaces Older  NC304LCD
Master Station

A major component of the Tek-CARE® NC300II System, the NC305LCD (NC-305LCD) master station supplies the user interface to respond to calls, issue staff requests and alter room programming status to accommodate differing patient needs.

The master console allows for room and staff communication by either open speaker or handset for additional privacy. It includes an integrated color LCD VGA display with 10.4" viewing area to display up to 20 active patient, staff or duty calls, plus columns for two levels of staff presence and STAT priority calls in English language format.

Master function buttons are provided to select the system functions as follows:
RESET Black Terminates most operations. Features
UL®1069 Listed
AIDE Yellow Enters an aide service request Supervised
Serial & Keyboard ports
NURSE Green Enters a nurse service request Spill-proof membrane switch with alphabetic characters
Easy access to commonly used menu functions
STAT Red Enters an urgent staff emergency request Simultaneous display of 20 calls
Electrostatic microphone for clear voice communication
MENU Blue Displays functions menu for programming additional features. Simple, menu-driven programmable functions
Master-to-master intercom capability
PAGE Gray Initiates paging operations Push-to-Talk button or handset intercom
Calls displayed by priority and origination
FOLLOW Orange Initiates nurse-follower operations. Calls identified by room and bed number
Programmable patient priority and privacy
TALK White Press to speak, press again to listen when using loudspeaker for communications. Calls-waiting, calls-overtime and cord-out indication
View station configuration capability
ALPHA White Changes all function keys to the specifically labeled alpha characters. Initiate STAT staff emergency request
Upgrade patient call
MONITOR Blue Enables room monitoring. Distinct tones for high, medium and low-priority calls
Paging by zone or to all staff | Overhead paging interface
CAPTURE Blue Allows for zone assignment. Patient monitor single or group
Manual tone-silencing switch (for Routine calls only)
VIEW Blue Allows review of station information. High priority calls override tone-off feature
PRIORITY Blue Activates menu for changing room priority. Simplified multiplex wiring uses plug-in type connectors
TONE ON White Turns normal call-tone on/off. Continuous display of nurse/aide location and nurse/aide requested
| Use masters in parallel or independently.

Additional programmable functions include set station priority, set privacy, zone assignments, view station configurations, set password, reset time of day, time display, set overtime, transfer for master stations, paging, system configuration, and system re-initialization.


The master station is also equipped with volume control for adjustment of incoming voice communication; tone on/off switch for controlling the lowest priority tone signal only; call light with indication of low, medium and high priority calls; CE fault LED; busy and alphanumeric keypad used for entry of station numbers, zone and station selection, and for selection of menu functions.

The master stations also provide a serial port for connection to ancillary devices. System programming is accessible to the user via the keys on the master station or via the keyboard port which will accept any standard PC keyboard.


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Architects' & Engineers' Specifications:

The nurse's master station shall be TekTone® NC305LCD (NC-305LCD) or approved equal as supplied by LEE DAN®. The master station wiring shall be supervised. The master station shall include the necessary signaling circuitry and firmware to receive and answer calls from all patient, staff, and duty stations; and receive calls from code and emergency stations on the Tek-CARE®NC300II System.

The master station shall provide for handset or loudspeaker communication with patients and staff. Function buttons (with and without LEDs) shall be provided to initiate talk, reset operation, staff emergency request, nurse/aide request, paging operations, and nurse-follower operations. Additional buttons for menu-driven programmable functions include: talk, monitor, capture and room priority programming.

For the NC305LCD (NC-305LCD) master station shall also provide an integrated backlit color LCD VGA Display with 10.4" viewing area to display call activity and menu selections. A fully isolated serial port shall be available for connection to ancillary devices.    

The user shall be able to access system programming via keys on membrane keypad or a keyboard connected to a USB port on the master station. The master station shall be equipped with an integral handset, volume up and down control, color-keyed function buttons, tone-off button, call LED, busy LED, CE fault LED, 2.5" speaker and electrostatic microphone. The master station will also include a 12-button digital keypad for entry of station numbers, zone and station assignments, and for selection of menu functions. All buttons shall also switch to alpha-character operation by depressing the switch marked ALPHA, Alpha-character operation shall allow for alphanumeric room numbering, room labeling, and calling of rooms so designated. All switches shall be of spill resistant membrane switch design.

All switches shall be of spill-resistant membrane switch design. The station housing shall be high-impact, flame retardant (UL® 94V-0) plastic and shall be desk mounted. The master station shall be UL® 1069 listed


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