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 SC Series
Conventional Fire Alarms
Smoke Detectors

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The SC Series ionization smoke detectors have a dual chamber design, so they automatically compensate for environmental changes such as atmospheric pressure, humidity and ambient temperature. A red LED indicator situated on the detector molding provides clear indication when the unit is in alarm. SC10U-3 detectors plug into the CSBU-1 base unit by a simple twist and lock action. In order to prevent unauthorized removal, a site selectable option is provided to lock the detector into its base. Once applied, the unit can only be removed by means of a special tool. All SC10U-3 detectors are monitored for detector removal. When a detector (or detectors) is removed from its base, a fault condition is detected.

LED alarm indication
 Sensitivity test feature with use of C-PST test tool
 Tamper resistant with site selectable lock
 White molded high impact fire retardant plastic
Advanced dual chamber
 Surface mount technology
 Operating temperature range: 32ºF to 100ºF (0°C to 37.8°C)
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Cat. No Description Operating Voltage Standby Alarm Sensitivity Range Terminal Standy Alarm Sizes
SC10U-3B Smoke Detector with Base 14V - 30V DC 0.00005 A 0.100 A max 0.65-1.05% obs/ft. 12-18 AWG
SC10U-3 Smoke Detector 14V - 30V DC 0.00005 A 0.100 A max 0.65-1.05% obs/ft. 12-18 AWG
CSBU-1 Detector Base (Surface Mount) - - - - -
CSBU-3 Detector Base with Resistor - - - - -
C-PST Test Picker Tool for Sensitivity Reading and Removal - - - - -
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