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 MCN-1-0 Message Networking
Center Software
Multiple Sign Connectivity
Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

Operating as the command console, the Site Manager application controls your Edwards Message Centers anywhere on your connected network. Group multiple Message Centers into logical departments (sites) such as manufacturing, customer service, lobby, etc. Send different messages to each logical group or to any of your Message Centers. The application allows you to:

Create groups of Message Centers

  1. Transmit different messages to each group or individually as required

  2. Configure your communication parameters

  3. Configure the type of message center (one line, two line, etc)

  4. Launch the message editor from the site manager control panel

  5. Create and update counter files for automated count down functions

  6. Schedule the time and date messages should be displayed

The Message Editor lets you create custom messages to be displayed on any Edwards Message Center.

  1. Create new messages with the integrated editor

  2. Imbed any of the special commands in your message

  3. Access pre-programmed messages

  4. Create messages with custom graphics & special fonts

  5. Add function commands to your messages like Roll, Scroll, Wipe, etc.

  6. Access the Message Emulator from the command menus

  7. Send a single message to a specific site or all sites at once

The Message Emulator lets your preview your messages on your computer screen before you send them to the selected Message Center and eliminates the guesswork of formatting your messages.

The Diagnostic Application quickly retrieves relevant technical information about your Edwards Message Centers anywhere on your connected network. In addition you can:

  1. Perform lamp tests

  2. Clear memory contents

  3. Change Message Center Addresses

  4. Query specific Message Centers

  5. Transmit information to specific Message Centers

  6. Broadcast test messages

System Requirements
MS/PS DOS 486 or compatible computer (a Pentium® PC is recommended for optimal performance) or a Macintosh Power PC
3.5' floppy diskette drive
Hard disk
VGA monitor (256 colors required for emulation)
RS232 serial port
Operating System
Compatible with Windows 3.1®, Windows 95/98®, Windows NT®, and Macintosh PowerPCs
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MCN-1-0 EDWARDS Message Center Windows Software, MULTIPLE Signs 
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