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Edwards Warning Siren
127 dB
Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

Featuring the industry's largest drive motor, this 8 HP, battery powered rotating siren delivers all the features one expects from a premium warning device.

Utilizing a 460 Hz tone, the EWS-11's low pitch is designed to penetrate structures and obstacles, making the warning area more complete. The EWS-11 features the same bullet-proof design and construction as other Edwards sirens. The EWS-11 uses top of the line, maintenance free rotating mechanisms and hand rolled, custom formed projectors.

All exposed siren components are of heavy gauge aluminum alloy and electro-plated, galvanized steel construction, which are "powder coated" for the most durable finish available.

The entire mass of the siren is centered over the pole so no stabilizing wires are required. Total shipping weight of the EWS-11 is 385 lbs. (174.6 kg).

127 dB @ 100 ft. (30.5m)
Maintenance free siren & rotating mechanism
Self-contained electrical connections (battery not included)
Powder coated exterior
Agency Approvals
8 HP motor
Port tone freq: 460 & 920 cps
Weight: 385 lbs. (174.6 kg)
Recommended batteries:
-Group 27 sealed lead acid maintenance free (minimum)
GelCel or AGM Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle Marine
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ENC-D EDWARDS Warning System Radio Control - Desk Mount
ENC-H EDWARDS Warning System Radio Control - Hand Held
EWS-11 EDWARDS EWS-11 Series Rotating Outdoor Warning Siren
EWS-CDP-1 EDWARDS Warning System 2 Function Siren Control Center
EWS-CDP-3 EDWARDS Warning Systems 3 Function Siren Control Center
EWS-H-1 EDWARDS EWS-11 Series Siren Heater With Thermostat
EWS-PMB EDWARDS Warning System Utility Pole Mounting Bracket -
 Powder Coat Finish
EWS-PMB-SS EDWARDS Warning System Utility Pole Mounting Bracket -
Stainless Steel Finish
EWS-T-1 EDWARDS EWS-11 + EWS-V1 Series Single Function Siren
 Control Center
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