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Genesis® Chimes &
Multi-Candela, Multi-Watt, Field Configurable
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The Genesis line of signals are the smallest, most compact audible-visible emergency signaling devices in the world. Genesis chimes and chime strobes blend with any decor and feature textured housings in neutral white or traditional fire alarm red.

Genesis strobes do not require bulky specular reflectors. Instead, an exclusive mask-and-cavity design channels and conditions light to produce a highly controllable distribution pattern. Intensive development efforts employing this new technology have given rise to a new benchmark in strobe performance- FullLight® technology. This technology produces a smooth light distribution pattern without the spikes and voids characteristic of specular reflectors. This ensures the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination from the strobe flash.

Genesis strobes are self-synchronizing, but when installed with an optional synchronization module, strobe flashes from devices on the same circuit synchronize to within 10 milliseconds of each other indefinitely. Chime/Strobes feature 15, 30, 75 or 110 candela output, selectable with a conveniently-located switch on the bottom of the device. Settings are clearly visible even after installation.

Genesis chimes produce a pleasing mellow tone. When steady (non-stroked) voltage is applied, the chime automatically pulses at 60 strokes per minute, or may be field-configured for temporal output. When installed with a EG1M Signal Master Module, the chime may also be field-configured for coded operation, which enables the chime ouput to match the rate that voltage is applied to the circuit. The chime's 79 dBA (peak) output level makes this device suitable for many private mode applications. Chimes may be set for low dB output with a jumper cut that reduces sound output by about 5 dB.


Unique low-profile design
Attractive appearance
Ultra-slim-protrudes less than one inch from wall
FullLight® Strobe Technology
Low current draw
15/30/75/110 candela output
Select non-coded (default), temporal, or coded (single-stroke) chime operation
Single microprocessor controls both chime and strobe
Select high (default) or low dB chime output
No visible mounting screws
Agency Approvals
UL 1971 Listed for the hearing impaired
UL 1638 Listed as protective visual signaling appliances
UL 454, CE, FCC
MEA, FM, CSFM pending
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EG1-C EDWARDS Genesis Chime, 24VDC
EG1-CVM EDWARDS Chime Strobe 24VDC
EG1M EDWARDS Genesis Signal Master Snap-On Mount
EG1M-RM EDWARDS Genesis Signal Master Remote Mount
EG1R-C EDWARDS Genesis Chime Red 24VDC
EG1R-CVM EDWARDS Chime Strobe Red 24VDC
EG1RF-C EDWARDS Chime Red Marked FIRE, 24VDC
EG1RT EDWARDS Genesis Red Trime Plate (For 2-Gang or 4" Square Boxes)
EG1T-FIRE EDWARDS Genesis White Trime Plate (For 2-Gang or 4" Square Boxes) With "FIRE" Markings
EG1T EDWARDS Genesis White Trime Plate (For 2-Gang or 4" Square Boxes)
EG1RT-FIRE EDWARDS Genesis Red Trime Plate (For 2-Gang or 4" Square Boxes) With "FIRE" Markings
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