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Light Duty Strobe
Magnetic Base
Edwards is a registered trademark of UTC Fire & Security

The Edwards 99B Series AdaptaBeacon warning light is a compact strobe unit that produces one million peak candlepower. A series of complementing fresnels that cause the dome to "fill" with light each time the strobe flashes. This design feature increases the AdaptaBeacon "on-time", thus improving viewer perception. Beam distance is also increased with external fresnel lenses.

Each compact unit features a shatter resistant polycarbonate lens that snaps onto a high impact polycarbonate/ABS base. The strobe is easily serviced with the use of a single flat-blade screwdriver.

The 99B series' trigger and timing circuits are included as integral parts of the power supply. Replacement costs are reduced as it is necessary to replace only the strobe tube. Magnetic base allows temporary mounting to dash or vehicle roof.

6 foot (183cm) cord with cigarette lighter plug-in adapter
Removable vinyl hood for driver's visual protection
Optically designed fresnel lens
Snap-on high impact polycarbonate/ABS base
Magnetic or velcro mounting
Xenon flash tube
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96-LA EDWARDS Replacement Lens Cover - AMBER
96-LB EDWARDS Replacement Lens Cover - BLUE
96-LC EDWARDS Replacement Lens Cover - CLEAR
96-LG EDWARDS Replacement Lens Cover - GREEN
96-LR EDWARDS Replacement Lens Cover - RED
99BA-E1 EDWARDS AMBER AdaptaBeacon Light Duty Strobe, 12VDC, Magnetic Base
99BB-E1 EDWARDS BLUE AdaptaBeacon Light Duty Strobe, 12VDC, Magnetic Base
99BC-E1 EDWARDS CLEAR AdaptaBeacon Light Duty Strobe, 12VDC, Magnetic Base
99BG-E1 EDWARDS GREEN AdaptaBeacon Light Duty Strobe, 12VDC, Magnetic Base
99BR-E1 EDWARDS RED AdaptaBeacon Light Duty Strobe, 12VDC, Magnetic Base
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