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DoorKing DKS

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Access Control & Gate Operators Doorking® DKS®,is a registered trademark of Doorking, Inglewood CA

DoorKing DKSAccess Control & Gate Operators Doorking® DKS®,is a registered trademark of Doorking, Inglewood CA

Doorking 1211 Exit Push Buttons and Switches


1601 Barrier Gate

1620 Lane Barrier

1602 Barrier Gate

1603 Barrier Gate

1603 Traffic Spikes

Traffic Spikes

Power Backup

Warning Signs

8080-050 Infared

Thru-Beam (ME-PG)


8080-051 Photo

Reflective (ME-RG)

8080-052 Thru-Beam


8080-053 Photo Reflective


8080-054 Thru-Beam

(Seco-Larm E960-D90GQ)


8080-055 Photo Reflective

(Seco-Larm E936-S45RRGQ)

8080-056 Photo Reflective (Omron E3K)

8080-071 6-Foot Edge


8080-070 5-Foot Edge


8080-065 5-Foot Edge (MGR20-T2)

8080-066 5-Foot Edge


8080-091 6-Foot Edge (ME111) 8080-090 5-Foot Edge (ME123)
8080-085 5-Foot Edge (MGR20) 8080-086 5-Foot Edge (MGS20)

8080-008 RF Monitored Gate

Link Kit (RB-G-K10)

8080-006 Monitored

Transmitter RB-TX-10


8080-079 Multi-Input

Module (MIM-62)

4302-113 Solar Control Box 4302-115 Solar Control Box 4302-114 Solar Control Box
Solar Panels

Slide Gate Weight Balanced



Several styles of mounting posts are available from DKS. Architectural and designer style posts are typically used with the larger telephone entry systems and are available in gooseneck styles for vehicular traffic or straight styles for walk-up pedestrian use. The mounting kiosks are ideal for walk-up pedestrian applications and are designed for DKS flush mount telephone entry systems only. Both the designer style post and the walk-up kiosk include an accessory compartment that can house accessory transformers, surge supressers and a radio receiver. Additionally, the designer style post has an optional light tower that can be added to them. The standard posts are used with card readers, keypads and smaller access control devices. A dual-height style is also available for applications that have both vehicular and truck traffic.

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