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DoorKing DKS

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Access Control & Gate Operators Doorking® DKS®,is a registered trademark of Doorking, Inglewood CA

DoorKing DKSAccess Control & Gate Operators Doorking® DKS®,is a registered trademark of Doorking, Inglewood CA

Doorking 1211 Exit Push Buttons and Switches

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MicroPLUS® RF Controls

MicroPLUS® RF Controls

With automobile manufacturers building code copiers directly into todays cars, it's easy for a supposedly "secure" RF transmitter code to get into the wrong hands. And, how many car owners remember to delete their code when they sell or trade-in their car? This is the equivalent to leaving a copy of your front door key on the keyring when you hand the keys over to the new owner. This can't happen with MicroPLUS RF controls. MicroPLUS RF controls provide you with the highest level of security available with RF access controls. Our coding and encryption schemes are not shared with other producers, resulting in transmitter codes that cannot be duplicated or copied. With MicroPLUS controls, you are assured that only the original intended transmitter will activate your access system. MicroPLUS controls are not compatible with the Homelink® system found in many automobiles. Use our MicroCLIK product line (less secure) for compatibility with the Homelink system.

Model 8040 Receiver: The 8040 sends the transmitter codes to a access controller (such as a DKS 1830 Series System) in wiegand format. This receiver can also be programmed as a stand-alone device. It is also ideal for solar-powered applications as it has an extremely low power draw while in stand-by mode.

Model 8054 Receiver: The 8054 is a fully programmable stand-alone receiver that can store up to 1250 transmitter codes. Codes can be added or deleted individually, or in block format. Other programmable features include time zones, relay strike time and a print mode function.


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