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1820 Series
Multi-Line Telephone Intercom System

The Model 1820 telephone intercom system is a unique communication and access control device that provides voice communication and control of a door (or gate) via the residents own telephone without the need of a dedicated central office (C.O.) phone line. The 1820 has an advanced "call-down" feature that allows residents to be connected directly to a doorman, concierge or security office by simply pressing two buttons on their touch-tone telephone. The systems caller ID feature lets the resident know if a call is coming from the lobby panel, doorman or concierge phone.

In addition, the 1820 allows each resident to control call forwarding, call waiting and do-not-disturb features directly from their own telephone. The 1820 eliminates the need of a costly hard-wired intercom system and monthly line charges and lease payments to the phone company. The 1820 telephone intercom system is ideal for condominium buildings, apartment buildings, college resident halls and office buildings where controlling access into the building is an essential part of your security program. The 1820 is a component style system that consists of a lobby panel(s), main control cabinet(s) and line interface board(s). The system is built in accordance with the number of telephone lines to be interfaced with.

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1820 Series DoorKing "No-Phone-Line" Telephone Intercom With Call Down 
1820-080 DoorKing 1820 Large Main Control Cabinet (AKA Model LMCC-CD) 
1820-082 DoorKing 1820 Small Main Control Cabinet (AKA Model SMCC-CD) 
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