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Black Metal Button Style
Vandal-Proof Intercom Lobby Panels
Featuring permanently engraved, individually replaceable, SOLID black METAL buttons.

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Number of Buttons Outside Dimensions for Surface and Flush Panels Flush Panels Only Directory Info
High Wide Flush Backbox Wall Opening High Wall Opening Wide Maximum Names  Strip Capacity
4-8 11-1/2" 5" BB-101 10-1/8" 4-1/8" 10 12
12-20 18-3/4" 5" BB-201 16-1/8" 4-1/8" 24 26
24-48 18-3/4" 10" BB-202 16-1/8" 8-1/8" 52 58
52-56 18-3/4" 14" BB-203 16-1/8" 12-1/8" 104 112
60-100 18-3/4" 18" BB-204 16-1/8" 16-1/8" 104 112
104-132 18-3/4" 22" BB-205 16-1/8" 20-1/8" 156 168
136-148 18-3/4" 26" BB-206 16-1/8" 24-1/8" 156 168
152-200 18-3/4" 30" BB-207 16-1/8" 28-1/8" 208 224
For Millennium Panels over 200 buttons, please call us directly

*Optional speaker equipment is available,
including Bell/Buzzer, Speaker/Transmitter, Speaker/Microphone, Amplified Handset, and Speaker/Transmitter Handset. Call Lee Dan for wall dimensions of any Millennium®
panels other than 'MS' Lee Dan for other styles including economy, vandal-resistant,
oversized directory and stainless steel.

Architects' & Engineers' Specifications

Millennium Lobby Panel: Intercom panel shall be a Lee Dan vandal-proof Millennium™ series or approved equal. Panel shall be constructed of 16 gauge low-carbon Stainless Steel. Momentary action, self-wiping pushbuttons shall be provided with 5/16" thick, solid aluminum plungers. Connections shall be made by positive screw terminals. Pigtail connections shall not be acceptable. Apartment numbers shall be permanently engraved on individually replaceable metal plungers. Building address shall be permanently engraved at the top of the lobby panel.

Speaker shall be 3.5", 1 Watt, 45 Ohm with mylar cone. Paper cone speakers are not acceptable. Speaker shall be protected by a three (3) layer metal speaker baffle. Intercom panel shall include an integral alphabetical directory protected by Lexan
® sheet. Speaker, pushbuttons and directory components shall all be field replaceable. Glued in place components are not acceptable. Mounting screws shall be tamper resistant Tampruf type. A Lee Dan model SC-T Tampruf type screw driver shall be provided with each lobby panel for directory maintenance.

Lexan® is a registered trademark of General Electric.
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St. Steel, requires housing


Since 1955, LEE DAN® has manufactured standard, modified and custom intercom systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, condos, co-ops, apartments, and commercial users. We take great interest in the special security needs of our customers, and great pride in the quality of our products!

Call LEE DAN® customer service department toll-free for more information.

With continuous product improvement, sizes and other specifications are subject to change without notice.

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